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Bushcraft 2017 Year 6 were very fortunate to start their year with an amazing residential trip to Bushcraft! For two nights, the children experienced camping in the Oxfordshire Woodlands. During our stay Year 6 were split into three tribes; the first activity was to create a flag, a detailed tribe history and a tr ... See more details
Summer plays 2017 On Thursday and Friday, the Year 6 children put on the most spectacular performance of The Jungle Book. From the lush green scenery to the foot tapping music, the cast spun some mystery and finesse into their performances. The story started with a show-stopping rendition of Welcome to the Jungle; ... See more details
KCF School Fair 2017 Yee Ha!   The Wild West rode into Kew College with a bang last Saturday, when we held our annual Summer Fair. Kew College Friends truly excelled themselves this year, as the children swarmed through the building, stopping to grab a cupcake (or ten), shrieking with delight as they attempted ... See more details