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Book Day 2017! On Wednesday, Kew College opened its doors to welcome the Very Hungry Caterpillar amongst others to another fabulous Book Day. As the children swarmed excitedly into the building, they were greeted by an army of bugs in honour of our Junior House author, M.G. Leonard who also hosted a fabulous assem ... See more details
Brexit Assembly 5L produced a fantastic assembly today on Brexit. They were able to give a simple explanation of what the EU is and does, then took an impartial look at the main arguments for both leaving and remaining. They introduced some of the leading figures in the debate, such as Theresa May, Boris Johnson ... See more details
Super Power Poetry Assembly 2H took their Parents and the Infant House on a Super Power Trip to Poetry Land. The caped explorers buckled their seatbelts and set off to explore some of the features and language of poems. First stop was a poem of rhyming couplets. Groups of children recited a poem called 'I Want to Know' by Jo ... See more details