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Easter Bonnet Parade 2018 Kew College concluded the term with a delightful Easter bonnet parade in the Spring sunshine. From the Infants, all the way up to Year 6, the pupils joined in the fun wearing an incredible variety of amusing and creative headgear. The event showcased the limitless imagination and originality of Kew ... See more details
Spring Concert 2018 Oh What a Wonderful Scene! This year's Spring Concert at St Anne's Church was nothing short of spectacular. Every year group delivered their choir performance to perfection and with such enthusiasm that the audience couldn't help but smile throughout. The theme was 'Captain Noah and His Floating Z ... See more details
Founder's Day 2018 A buzz of excitement filled the air as the children arrived at school for Founder's Day. The Wind Band started the day by playing 'Happy Birthday' to the Kew College community and, within minutes, Year 6 began scaling the rock climbing wall to view the scene from the dizzy heights of the summit. As ... See more details