Kew College is inspected regularly by the Independent Schools Inspectorate


Regulatory Compliance Inspection November 2016


A Regulatory Compliance Inspection reports only on the school's compliance with the Independent Schools Standards. The school was deemed to have met all of the Independent Schools Standards and there were no action points. This is an excellent outcome for the school.



Whole School Standard Inspection October 2010


In October 2010 Kew College was inspected by the Independent Schools Inspectorate. As part of the Main Findings, the inspectors reported that:

'Pupils achieve well across the curriculum and extra-curricular activities, and standards are exceptionally high in all aspects of English and Mathematics. The quality of their reading, writing and mathematical skills is in advance of their years. Pupils also exhibit great creativity, particularly in art work. Pupils display enthusiasm for their lessons and good learning skills.

Pupils' personal development and the school's arrangements for welfare, health and safety are outstanding. Pupils display high levels of spiritual development, not only in their own mature self-awareness but also in the value they place on the more meaningful aspects of life. Pupils develop into exceptionally moral beings, happy to obey the school rules and aware of the needs of others. Pupils' social qualities are equally high; they behave in an emotionally mature manner towards other individuals and the community at large. Pupils have outstanding cultural awareness, showing respect for and interest in their own and other traditions. Pupils leave the school as well-balanced personalities. The school is a caring community where pupils are thoughtfully and skillfully looked after by the pastoral care of the whole staff, which contributes strongly to their personal development.'


Early Years Foundation Stage (Nursery and Kindergarten)


Inspectors' comments include:


'The setting is successful in achieving its aim of encouraging the development of all children in a supportive and purposeful environment. Children are happy and secure and their needs are met well. Careful attention is given to children's welfare and safety; their exemplary behaviour and excellent personal development are strengths.
A generous adult-to-child ratio ensures that children receive much individual attention. Excellent relationships between staff and children are a strength.
Outcomes for children are good and many aspects are outstanding. Personal development is outstanding.'


pdf iconClick here to read the Regulatory Compliance Inspection Report November 2016

pdf iconClick here to read the Standard Inspection Report October 2010