A wide range of after school clubs is available to children in Year 1 and 2 each term.


Some of these activities are led by Kew College members of staff, while others are led by outside providers and parent volunteers. We try to plan our extra curricular clubs to cater for the variety of interests of our pupils. Many of the clubs are open to mixed year groups, giving opportunities for our children to make new friends and to work with children of different ages.


 Jazz Dance Comp


El Club Español An exciting SPANISH Club! Learning Spanish with LCF Language Clubs is a stimulating and engaging experience for children. Activities include storytelling, lively games, drama and songs and also using BABELZONE - our own award winning multimedia site that children love.
Arts and Crafts Club A wonderful club offering children the opportnuity to use new techniques to create exciting designs. Lots of fun things to do and make.
Computer Club Children have lots of fun using a variety of programmes on the computers. Each half term brings a new project offering pupils the opportunity to develop new skills.

Jazz Dance Club

An enormously popular club which offers a fun and healthy way for children to keep fitn through modern dance to pop music.
Jewellery Club Design and create beautiful, customised and unique jewellery for you and your friends to wear. Have fun learning how to make bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks, key rings and more. These items make lovely gifts or to keep and cherish.
Little Golfers Rookies Golf Club allows children to play golf in school, using adapted equipment for their safety and with a fun and active structure. This club suits new and existing young golfers who play games like 'Over the River' and 'Finders Keepers'.

French Club

A fun French club, taught by an experienced French teacher, where children learn to use the language through role-plays, games and songs.

Lego Club

Creating models to the days subject and learning through play how to work in a team.

Handball Club

Children learn the skills of throwing, catching, bouncing and jumping with soft balls in this dynamic fast growing sport.

Active Kids & Soft Tennis

Active Kids is a fun Club for children to learn team work, balance, co-ordination, whilst keeping fit at the same time.

Soft Tennis Club is for children to begin to learn the basics of tennis, whilst improving their hand to eye co-ordination and having fun.

Key Stage 1 Choir

A first stage choir with lots of singing, games and action songs designed to develop aural skills and ensemble singing, as well as independence and self-confidence.