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I am sure you will all agree how well Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow children performed during their Christmas Plays. Using their big voices full of sparkle and joy the children entertained and delighted us with their performances. Despite the odd mishap, the children showed how sensible they are and carried on with the show! They all did incredibly well for their first Kew College play and we look forward to many more to come! We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents for providing such beautiful costumes.


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Kindergarten Blue

On the 1st of December Kindergarten Blue welcomed in the last month of the year by performing their Nativity called Robin Christmas Sing-a-Long. As their parents took to their seats and Miss Taman started playing the piano it was time to begin! After weeks of hard work the children were at last ready to perform. Through words, songs and dance the children joyfully and confidently retold the story of the birth of baby Jesus. We would like to thank all the parents for their support and for the wonderful costumes. We would also like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Kindergarten Green


Kindergarten Green's Nativity Play: Robin's Christmas Sing-along
On Thursday 3rd December, Kindergarten Green performed their Nativity play 'Robin's Christmas Sing-along.' After weeks of rehearsing and learning their lines, the children were ready for the big day. The costumes looked amazing, from our feathered robins to our twinkling stars! The children took us on a journey, through the eyes of two little robins, to the stable where Baby Jesus was born. On the way, they met some sleepy children listening for Santa, carol singers and a brass band. Finally, they followed the three stars to Mary and Joseph and the baby. Each child delivered their lines with confident, clear voices and sang beautifully along to the piano. Thank you so much for coming to see your children in our plays. We hope you enjoyed watching them and had fun singing along to 'Away in a Manger' with us during the finale. We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in 2016!


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1D's Nativity performance was 'The Shepherd Boy'. It told the story of Sam, a young boy in a family of shepherds, who wanted to join his brothers in looking after the sheep. Having been told he was too young, he found another important job to do instead, helping Mary and Joseph find a place to stay in Bethlehem before baby Jesus was born.

The children spoke their lines with great confidence and performed the songs with real conviction! They threw themselves into their acting and felt very proud of their achievements.

1D would like to thank Miss Taman for her hard work and for teaching the many songs. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!



It was with a mixture of nervousness and excitement that 1M awaited the arrival of their audience for their performance of The Shepherd Boy. As the Sedum filled, and familiar faces were identified, the excitement rose and the smiles on the children's' faces broadened.

The performance opened with Narrators explaining in lovely clear voices that, 'Sam is the youngest in a family of shepherds.' His father and older brothers told Sam in no uncertain terms that he was 'Too young' to accompany them to the hillside at night. Disheartened, and left to his own devices, Sam befriends Mary, Joseph and a little lamb. Together they make their way to Bethlehem.
The Angels sang their important messages in charming voices, the stars danced beautifully twinkling in the night sky and lighting the way to the stable. The town's people hawked their wares in Bethlehem and transformed themselves into grumpy innkeepers. The shepherds hurried down from the hillside to witness the birth of Jesus and the Kings processed grandly across the stage whilst carrying their precious gifts. Sam graciously welcomed them all to the stable.

The children sang and performed with great aplomb and were thrilled with the audience's response. Many thanks to 1D for their behind the scenes support with the singing.


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The Magical Christmas Jigsaw Nativity Play by 2H
The story began in a market place. Turkeys, baubles and mince pies were being vigorously sold. The toy seller could not sell her special Nativity jigsaw so the children decided to help. As the children brought out each piece of the jigsaw the story of the first Christmas unfolded. The singing was spectacular and the acting astounding. Very well done 2H. All that hard work learning your lines and practising your songs paid off. It was a very entertaining play.



On Thursday 3rd December, 2W performed The Magical Christmas Jigsaw. The Sedum was filled with an excited audience of parents, grandparents, nannies and siblings.

The story began at a Christmas market where a group of children met a toyseller with some old toys for sale. Sadly, nobody wanted to buy her jigsaw so she decided to give it to the children for free if they would promise to build it on Christmas Eve.

As the children built the jigsaw piece by piece, the story of Christmas was revealed. We saw Romans planning the census, angels guiding Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, shepherds following the star, three kings and the wicked King Herod!

The play was a fantastic celebration of the true meaning of Christmas and was performed wonderfully by our very talented children. Well done, 2W!!!!


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