final edited frontThe Christmas Carols and songs from yesterday's Carol Service are still ringing in our ears. What a delight that was – so uplifting! It was quite something to see all our lovely Junior House children standing proudly, singing their hearts out, some brandishing their instruments and speaking out with such clarity and confidence. We are so very proud of our children and of our new Head of Music, Jo Taman, for staging this excellent evening and to all the staff who gave their help and support. It infused us all with Christmas spirit. It was lovely to see the church packed to the gunwales with parents and extended family and to see so many of our former Year 6 pupils at the occasion. It is also always good to see our governors at these events and last night Mrs Sue Ouseley, Aylsa Geeson and Paula Vanninen were in attendance. We are very grateful to the Reverend Nigel Worn for allowing us to use his beautiful church again this year.

Please find below Miss Taman's account of the evening which makes truly pleasurable reading!



Miss Taman's Account of the Carol Service

What a way to end the term! My first Carol Service at Kew College was certainly one that I will remember forever. The beautiful setting of the church on the green, the support and friendliness of father Nigel, and of course the energy and enthusiasm of all the children involved created an event which I could only describe as 'perfect.'

From the Y3's who were doing a carol service for the first time, right up to the Y6's who were singing for the last time; the delivery from all involved was outstanding.
Every single performance was full of energy, and the thing that impressed me the most was the fact that all of the children wore smiles on their faces from the first, right to the last song of the evening. The way they maintained energy throughout which was excellent.

I was genuinely amazed at how well they all learnt the lyrics for the songs, performed them with pizazz, and looked immaculate all the way through - the standard at Kew College is undeniably good. It has been a privilege working with every single pupil and I am proud to have helped deliver such a successful event.


For me some of the highlights were;

• One of the pre-concert pieces (Good King Wenceslas) performed by a combination of the String group and Wind band. The sound that was produced was secondary-school worthy in standard, and I'm so pleased at how far some of our pupils have come since the start of term with not only performance skills, but also with confidence. Looks like we now have a mini Orchestra for future performances!

• Y3 singing their solo song 'How can this be?' was a breathtakingly sweet delivery. The smiles on every single performer's face told the story in itself. Added to this all the children singing looked happy, and I was convinced by every single word sung.

• Y4 singing their solo song 'Now tell us Gentle Mary' was nothing short of fabulous. Every single word sung was believable, and the projection and clarity of the lyrics was commendable. The enthusiasm of the front row of singers in particular put a smile on my face.

• Y5 singing their solo song 'Shepherd's Calypso' was a ball of energy! From the up-beat tone to the delivery of all words and notes this piece was one to remember as I noticed quite a few taps of feet from the audience behind me.

• And last but not least, Y6 - what superstars! In all the schools I have worked in I have never come across such a hardworking and enthusiastic year group. For the whole term I have pushed, pulled, and driven some of them crazy with the insistence on learning 2-part harmony, descants, and insisting on some solo verses, but it was worth it on the night as they not only delivered but they also did the school proud. The solo's themselves were a brave thing to do, but every single one was done with confidence and expertise. It wouldn't feel right not to mention these as a highlight to the evening, so the solo groups were: James Priestley & William O'Brien singing 'Once in Royal David's City', Amelie Jeannon, Chloe Rowlands, Emily Finnett, and Eve Abbott singing the Y6-only song 'Gabriel's Message', Frankie Gorniak and Andrew Hanna singing the signature theme tune for the evening 'One Bright Star', and finally Angelina Wright, Ava Newman-Press, Phoebe Symmons and Sophie Rennie singing the opening verse to the congregational carol 'In the Bleak Mid-Winter.'
As well as the faultless musical delivery the Y6 pupils also read their set narrative passages beautifully.

• The final highlight for me was the last song from the Christmas story telling; 'Welcome Jesus'. The delivery of this was phenomenal; the harmony was really strong, the volume was nothing short of amazing, and several of the audience members said they 'had goose bumps' by the end of the song. Well done to all!


It is worth mentioning that we were also saved on the day by our piano teacher Mr James Hayes. With less than 24-hours' notice and only one rehearsals in the church on the day, he really did step up to the challenge and deliver amazing accompaniment to the very challenging repertoire. Thank you Mr Hayes from all of us!

I would like to thank each and every one of the children for such a committed performance for this event. I look forward to working with you all next Christmas - now have a lovely, well-earnt break, but don't forget about your lovely singing voices for January.