frontOn Friday 11th of March the whole of Kew College celebrated its 63rd birthday. Children stood outside the school gates bubbling with excitement as they looked at every activity on the long list on view. Year 6 pupils were already on the climbing wall, clambering up like lightning and then abseiling back down.

Wind Band stood out in the shining sun playing Happy Birthday and 'Tequila'. At that moment, Mrs Morey entered through the gates carrying an amazing cake, which was created to look like the climbing wall. The wind instruments trumpeting the cake through as if it were royalty.

Great British bunting hung around the school and many British celebrities 'joined' the glorious celebration such as Ant and Dec and David Cameron. Great Britain had exploded inside our school. To complete the British theme, a background of the skyline of London hung upon the sheds in the playground. A few people at a time got to come down with their friends to dress up as Big Ben and champagne. They could also wear amusing hats and face masks of the Royal Family and other well-known British celebrities. A teacher then took a photo of them to savour the wonderful day of activities.

In the playground, the Infant House had a great time playing in the soft play. All you could hear were giggles of joy when they were there. They also had the chance to groom and pet adorable micro pigs. Another one of the brilliant activities the Infant House was able to take part in was a visit to explore minibeasts with experts. Strange creatures became less strange, as they discovered more information about them. Fears disappeared as they held toads and lizards. What a great experience! It was not only the Junior House children who got to climb around and up climbing walls, the Infant House had an opportunity to climb on a bouldering wall which was in the forecourt.

One of the brilliant activities that the Junior House loved was 'Birds of Prey'. All of the children waited in anticipation before attending the activities; the classes before them couldn't stop spreading positivity about it. Owls, Kookaburras, Ravens and many more birds joined us to celebrate. As well as being able to hold the beautiful creatures, they also learned a huge amount of facts about the animals.

Next the lucky pupils were treated to a special performance by Simeon Wood who played an array of instruments and even a bicycle pump and a walking stick! The children were very inspired by him and all watched in awe as he played.

Pupils attended a performance by the King's College, Wimbledon musicians who played many intricate pieces and two boys played a piano duet; crossing their hands over as they did. Truly inspiring!
Founder's Day was a huge success and the children left school full of excitement and stories about the day.


Sylvie 'the minibeasts were fun because I got to stroke lots of things: a tortoise and a toad and a hissing cockroach.' 1M

The ball pit was my favourite. There were floaty things you could put the balls on and try to catch them. Charlie 1M

Olivia "It was a bit smelly in the pig pen, but I liked brushing them." 1D


Dominic "I enjoyed feeding the pigs leaves." 1D


"It had an exemplary selection of activities and made for a very pleasant day." Frankie 6B

"It was fascinating meeting a bird of prey which no other company in Europe has!" Emily 6B

"I enjoyed the climbing wall as Year 6 got an extra-long turn" Joel 6T

"I loved hearing about the instruments Simeon Wood played" Catrin 6T

"Overall, it was a thrilling day and I can't wait until next year's Founder's Day!!!" Evie 3D

"I really liked it because it felt like you were climbing up a mountain. I was at the top twice, but coming down was by far the most fun." Anna 3D

Fynn really liked the soft play because they could build houses and a gym! 2H

Allegra loved doing forward rolls on the soft play equipment. We also made an obstacle course. 2H

Sophie "I found Simeon Wood really inspiring, as he knew how to play so many instruments and he had even invented instruments of his own out of every day household items." 5B


Charlie "My favourite part of Founder's Day was the climbing wall; I broke the record for scaling the whole wall in just 23 seconds!" 5B


Poppy M "I liked holding the snake and having the moth on my nose." NR

Monty "I liked looking at the spider and going out in the soft play." NR

Tilly "I liked the moth on my nose because he had wings." NY

Josie "I liked the snake because he felt very smooth." NY

Jude L-S "I liked the minibeasts because I learned some new things. I learned that the snake-headed tortoise can bite!" 2W


Charlotte B "My favourite part of Founder's Day was playing with the pigs, because they were so cute. I saw them sucking up water with their snouts." 2W


"I liked the minibeasts when the butterflies were on me. One went on my nose. It was just for me!" Huw KGG


"I enjoyed being on the soft play where we were building the tallest tower ever and playing with the balls." Phoebe KGG

"I really liked the climbing wall. I was able to reach the top four times. This was a lot better than last year." Theo 4C

"I was fascinated by the Birds of Prey. Some of them were huge. I really enjoyed meeting them." Kayla 4C

"I loved it when the raven pooped on the mat, everyone started to laugh because we weren't expecting it. The final owl we saw was beautiful when it spread its wings out, wide into the air." Lola 3S

"Our last activity of the day was my favourite – rock climbing. I love heights. When I got to the top I felt very proud of myself. The second time I abseiled down, which was quite scary." Angus 3S

"I loved the Birds of Prey as I got to carry the biggest bird." James 5L

"The Birds of Prey were so interesting and I never knew ravens were so big." Felix 5L


"I really enjoyed Founder's Day – it was the ultimate way to celebrate the day when the school was founded" George G.

"I like Founder's Day because I have only just joined Kew College and I was amazed at the climbing wall. I was very proud of myself as I reached the top three times" David M.

"The climbing was awesome and I had some great experiences today which I will remember for a long time" Harriet D.

"I love Founder's Day because it was exciting and fun. My favourite activity was the climbing wall. I felt proud that I had achieved a new personal best." Thomas T.

"I love Founder's Day. I found the climbing wall fun but scary for me. My favourite was the Birds of Prey because I was able to hold a Kookaburra and have my picture taken." Josef A.


"I liked the whole day. I thought the four boys played the most beautiful pieces. I wish I could play like that. The climbing wall was a challenge but I enjoyed it." Aiyana B.


"We like Simeon as he played the most amazing flute and a crutch, a bicycle pump and for the World Cup he played a corner flag" William O'B. and Harry B.