front170316This was my first Spring Concert at Kew College and the first word that springs to mind is "wow!"

From the opening choir, to the closing with the whole of Junior House, I was once again amazed at the musical talent and commitment that we have on offer across the year groups.
The concert has been described by some of the audience as 'thoroughly enjoyable' and the happy faces of all those on stage echoes the ethos of the music department at Kew College:
to make music fun!

Every single performer on the night gave it their all, with a smile on their face, and energy levels were at their highest from start to finish. The theme of 'World Music' was embedded throughout all of the performances, which reflected our ethos of 'Celebrating Difference.'


The diverse programme was intentionally put together to include music from many countries of the world, finishing with our very own 'Rule Britannia' as the finale, which parents and teachers joined in singing.


The programme featured music from the UK, America, the Caribbean, Africa, Hungary, and India to name a few. There was also some classical music featured by solo performers throughout the performances. What impressed me the most was that each item in the programme was performed with enthusiasm and excellence.


For me, the highlights were the year group choir pieces, as each and every singer gave it their all, and told the story of the song with their facial expressions throughout. In case you missed it the choir performances were: Year 3 'Hit the Road Jack!', Year 4 'Three Little Birds', Year 5 'Heal the World'. Year 6 sang an African Music Medley and then 'Life on Mars' as a tribute to the late David Bowie, which had some members of the audience thinking back to their own days of youth!


The close of the concert was the whole of Junior House singing 'Let It Be'; this was a sight to see indeed as everyone gave it their all for this last song of the evening. The twinkle in eyes and smiles on faces was enough to tell me that every child involved enjoyed this concert.

I can't wait to work with you all again for the next performance.

Miss Taman
Head of Music