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On Monday I woke up really early full of excitement about the day ahead. I was most excited about finding out who I would be sharing a bedroom with and who was going to be in my activity group. I couldn't believe we were actually going to go to PGL that day because I'd been looking forward to it for ages.

Poppy 3S


Aeroball was one of my favourite activities. To play Aeroball you have to bounce on a small trampoline and try to throw the ball into your opponent's hoop. One of the games we played was called 'Time Bomb'. The ball is thrown between the four players and when the teacher shouts 'time bomb' the person holding the ball is out. Thankfully I wasn't called out.
Harry 3S


The zip wire was really fun but quite scary at the same time. Before we could zip down we had to climb a tree by pulling ourselves up on metal staples. When I got to the platform at the top it felt really high up. The zip line was really fast – it felt like I was flying.
Isabel 3S


Raft building was one of my favourite activities – when I was on our raft I couldn't help feeling like I was going to fall off and into the lake with the tadpoles! We had to build a raft out of big blue plastic barrels and we used ropes to tie them together. We paddled around the lake on our raft and played a game called 'Duck Hunt'. The teachers had to throw plastic ducks around the lake in different areas and each raft had to fish out as many ducks as they could. The teachers kept splashing us with their paddles – especially Mr Miller.
Florence 3S


The Giant Swing was really scary. My partner was Arran and the rest of my group were pulling a rope to raise us higher and higher on the swing. When we got to the top I had to release us and we went zooming down, swinging back and forwards, whilst screaming our heads off! Even Miss Wilson was scared!
Ethan 3S


We participated in an activity involving Low Ropes. I find balancing both scary and exciting at the same time, so I really enjoyed this.
Celeste 3D


It was thrilling to sleep with all my friends in the same room, because I have never done that before. I didn't get homesick even though I have never been away without my parents before.
Samara 3D


I liked raft-building because I got to test the water temperature with my face. This made me laugh and I got to see tadpoles in the lake.
Arran 3D


The food at PGL was amazing and I tried many new things that I wouldn't normally eat at home. I particularly enjoyed the hash browns that we had.
Luke 3D


When we built the rafts, we learnt how to tie a few different knots to keep the barrels and logs together. Our design was really strong and managed to float in the lake without falling apart. I did find it difficult to steer the raft though.

Evie 3D