Year 6 Alice in Wonderland


On the evenings of Thursday 30th June and Friday 1st July, Year 6 performed their spectacular production of Alice in Wonderland. After weeks of hard work and effort, the children took to the stage and mesmerized the audience with their singing, dancing and acting. From Alice falling through the rabbit hole to the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, the Lewis Carroll novel was brought to life by the Year 6 children, much to the delight of the watching parents. Many congratulations Year 6.



Year 4 Peter Pan


Year 4's 'Peter Pan' swept family and friends into Netherland on Friday; leaving the Darling Family, and dog Nana, bereft. Wendy, John and Michael were transported by a reluctant Tinkerbelle to 'We can fly'. Captain Hook, terrified by the ticking clock, inspired an excellent rendition of 'Never Smile at a Crocodile' and Peter Pan schooled all on how to 'Never Grow Up'. The sparkey Lost Boys tussled with the proud Native Americans, as the jaunty pirates smuggled Tiger Lily away from the powerful Big Chief. When Smee was tricked into her release, Hook and Pan had a dramatic sword fight, finally allowing the crocodile to devour his prey!


Congratulations to all the children for a magnificent performance and a huge thank you to Miss Conroy and Miss Taman for the exciting adaptation and songs. Thank you parents, for the fantastic costumes, and for bringing Tinkerbell back to life with your applause!



Year 3 Hansel and Gretal


On Monday night Year 3 parents enjoyed a humorous performance of the fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel. Year 3 proceeded to tell the story of two abandoned children, the wickedest and funniest witch and stepmother you could imagine, a cottage with real 'chocolate-box appeal', a flock of down-and-out birds, a gang of dim-witted robbers. The children gave a lively and entertaining performance of this classic tale. Year 3 dedicated time to learning their lines, songs and choreography. Each and every one of them made the show a great success. We would like to thank Mr Gayle, Miss Wilson and Mr Miller for their hard work and support.



Year 2 Summer Performance – Humpty Dumpty – Was He Pushed or Did He Fall?

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Year 2 entertained family and friends on Wednesday with a spectacular performance of Humpty Dumpty - Was He Pushed or Did He Fall? Mr Dumpty brought his case before the Superior Court of Nurseryland, complete with judge, jury, prosecution and defence lawyers and a number of eye-witnesses to the incident. Characters from many popular nursery rhymes appeared to play their part in proceedings, with all of the children sporting fabulous costumes. Humpty Dumpty's mystery had really captured their imagination throughout the rehearsals and all performed with enthusiasm and vigour. They acted, sang and danced their hearts out and had their audience chuckling throughout!


A huge thanks must go to all of the parents for providing the children's brilliant costumes, and also to Mr Gayle, Mrs Morey and Mr Holmes for their participation and support.



The Litter Muncher by Year 1


Year 1's performance of 'The Litter Muncher' was a resounding success. Songs were sung with enthusiasm, lines delivered with gusto and the story was narrated clearly. At the start of the show, the Lazy Daisy villagers lived up to their name by lazily throwing their litter on the ground instead of in the colourful bins, completely spoiling their beautiful village. The poor Litter Muncher, who helped keep the village clean and tidy, soon became overwhelmed by mounds of smelly rubbish. Eventually the Lord and Lady Mayor, shocked by the horrible sight, ordered everyone to sweep up the mess. The villagers realised the error of their ways and promised the Litter Muncher that they would always put their litter in the bin in the future. The children were wonderful at remembering all their cues. Not only was each child responsible for three parts, but the set had to be changed and actions to songs learnt using all the props. It was an impressive performance and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.



Kindergarten Summer Play - Jack and the Beanstalk

An enormous beanstalk stood centre stage, stretching up to the clouds. Magic beans glittered and sparkled below. The stage was set! Finally, the big day was here. Kindergarten were ready to perform their fantastic production of 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' From the moment the play began, the children delivered their lines with enthusiasm and confidence. The songs rang out across the marquee, from the cheerful 'Cow for Sale' to a particularly scary rendition of 'Fee Fi Fo Fum.' The audience was enraptured by the graceful dances from the 'Magic Beans' and 'Bean Shoots.' The dramatic performance was the perfect conclusion to a successful year in Kindergarten.



Nursery Red and Yellow Summer Play 'Honey'


Following up the success of the Nativity back in the Autumn term was going to be a task and a half. The children from both classes responded wonderfully and performed their show, 'Honey', very well indeed. Just a few weeks earlier the 'secret plans' had been laid out bit by bit to the children and the songs and solos practised and learnt. Only the teachers could have known the potential that each child had and the myriad of foreseeable problems smoothly prepared for and ironed out. It is safe to say that the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience, even if not everything went according to the teachers' plans, if anything it just increased the enjoyment of the audience. We must thank the parents for providing the costumes and Miss Taman for teaching the songs and playing the piano with great gusto.


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