frontAt this time of year, we celebrate Harvest together. Harvest is a time when we express our gratitude for all the good food that this world provides and we give thanks for the sunshine, the rain and the farmers who help the crops to grow.

Kew College held a special assembly on the 5th of October to give thanks and were fortunate to have Captain and Mrs Mummery from the Salvation Army to talk about the importance of the occasion, and acknowledge the wonderful contributions the Kew College community has made to their Food Bank.


Unfortunately in this world there are people struggling to live because they have less than they need. One of Jesus' main lessons is that we should look after each other, so that everyone can live their lives fully. We are very lucky that we have plenty of food and don't have to go hungry, by taking what we need and sharing the rest, this helps to improve the lives of others. We would like to thank you very much for your generous donations.



As we stepped into the sedum with the lovely welcoming artwork of the school, we were greeted with a beautiful song sung by the school choir. Some of Year 6 sat down on the back benches whilst others, such as myself, sat at the side preparing to say a short speech. Standing up, flashcards out, we strolled over to the front. Interestingly, all of our flashcards put together spelt out 'HARVEST'. After this, someone from the Salvation Army gave a speech and we all admired the heaps of food we had donated. Next, we all rose and sang our two hymns 'God, Whose Farm Is All Creation' and 'Now we sing a Harvest Song'. As a conclusion to this assembly, our music teacher played a wonderful solo on the saxophone.

Oscar R.


On Wednesday 5th October we had our assembly celebrating Harvest Day. It was presented by a volunteer who helps the homeless. He explained where our collection of food would go. They go to people who live on the streets, in our local area, who have no place to stay and no real food to eat.
Harvest Day assembly was informative and I enjoy helping people in my area who are in need.

Samuel M.

On Wednesday 5th October, Kew College celebrated the Harvest Festival. We were fortunate enough to have a special visit from two members of the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is a charity that gives food to those who need it, such as the homeless. Many of us were startled to learn that there are many people in Richmond who need the Salvation Army's help. Kew College pupils collected tins and dry foods and generously donated it to them. We also celebrated by singing two harvest songs – 'Now we sing a Harvest Song' and 'God, Whose Farm Is All Creation'.


Laila A.