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On Wednesday and Thursday 1M and 1J put on delightful performances of 'Prickly Hay'. After weeks of dedicated rehearsals the children were thrilled to be standing on the stage, delivering their lines in front of their parents and siblings.

Eight charming songs helped narrate the story of a stable boy called Sam, who felt unimportant sweeping the smelly stable. He and his friend, Shrew, witness the arrival of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus in their stable. Poor baby Jesus can't sleep in the prickly hay, so Sam and Shrew swap the bedding. 'A little job, but a very important one.' Sam's self-esteem is restored.

The audience were treated to not only a wonderful play but an impressive pageant of costumes. The children sang beautifully and acted professionally. Hooray for the prickly hay!


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