2H took their Parents and the Infant House on a Super Power Trip to Poetry Land. The caped explorers buckled their seatbelts and set off to explore some of the features and language of poems. First stop was a poem of rhyming couplets. Groups of children recited a poem called 'I Want to Know' by John Drinkwater. Next stop was to 'On the Ning Nang Nong' by Spike Milligan to explore noisy Onomatopoeia such as Ping and Clang and Jibber Jabber Joo! Awesome alliteration was the penultimate stop for our superheroes as they gave a fun group rendition of Slithery, Slidery, Scaly Old Snake by Denise Rodgers. Similes were the final order of the day, where as bright as buttons the superheroes flew like the wind off to the sky. They learnt and recited their lines beautifully and in such a short time too. Well done 2H!