The Kindergarten children were very excited to welcome our special visitors, the ducklings, to our classrooms this week. On Monday, the eggs arrived in the incubator and we all waited in anticipation for the day when they would finally hatch. Eventually, little cracks began to appear on the surface of the eggs and the ducklings used all their strength to break open the shell. When the ducklings were strong enough, we enjoyed teaching them to eat and drink and, finally, swim. They loved splashing around and chasing each other in the water! Each child had the opportunity to gently hold a duckling and describe how it felt using their senses. We have loved caring for our visitors and look forward to seeing what else they get up to this week!


"I love the ducklings because they are funny. One tapped the box with his beak when he was swimming!" Arshia KGG
"They are cuddly and fluffy and I liked seeing their yellow and orange feathers. I liked watching them when they were hatching". Lara KGG
"The ducklings are soft and yellow. They have pink beaks and feet". Xander KGG
"They are funny and they tickled me when I held them". Said Isabella KGB
"They felt so fluffy". Onno KGB
"The ducklings are so soft". Poppy KGB