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On Thursday and Friday, the Year 6 children put on the most spectacular performance of The Jungle Book. From the lush green scenery to the foot tapping music, the cast spun some mystery and finesse into their performances. The story started with a show-stopping rendition of Welcome to the Jungle; it set the standard and excitement for the rest of the performance. From the jungles of India to the man village, the children sang and danced their way through the show, with a mixture of traditional and modern music. Baloo and the vultures created a comedic element to the show, with hula skirts and fire aplenty, and the sinister Kaa and Shere Khan were able to take on Bagheera and Mowgli with great poise and elegance. From the dancing monkeys to the forgetful elephants, the children laughed and smiled throughout their time on stage. A real credit to themselves and a fitting end to their performance careers at Kew College. What a show!



Year 4 The Keykeeper Summer Play


On Monday 26th June 2017 Year 4 dazzled the audience with their brilliant performance of 'The Keykeeper'. The children sang, danced and performed with enthusiasm and passion.


I was so nervous on the night but I think the play went really well. 'The Keykeeper' is about travelling through time and seeing history happen right before our eyes. My favourite part was the Victorian Worker scene as we got to sing lots of different parts all together. I wish the play didn't have to end.


"History is boring," said the children. However, The Keykeeper made them the offer of a lifetime, to take them back in time to prove them wrong. "Be careful" as history can be quite an adventure...


'The Keykeeper' was a fantastic and fun experience. All of the amazing songs and characters really made me more enthusiastic towards History. Our play taught me so much, from The Battle of Hastings to Votes for Women.



Year 3 Zoom Summer Play 2017


On Friday, Year 3 took to the stage to perform their play 'Zoom' – an adaptation of the traditional tale, 'The Hare and The Tortoise'. The story began in Evergreen Valley with Harvey Hare and Henry Hedgehog campaigning to become the next mayor. Trickery, deception and a pair of cunning foxes lay in Henry's path and he was arrested for a crime he did not commit. Fortunately our hero Toby Tortoise stepped in to save the day, with the support of some clever children and the Merry Squirrels. Taking on Harvey in a race and showing that slow and steady can win the race and that you can do anything you put your mind to.


The children sang beautifully and danced with great enthusiasm. Year 3 would like to thank the parents and staff involved for their support in the production.



Year 2 Play The Truth About George


The temperature was certainly rising when Year 2 performed their play 'The Truth About George'. The children played their parts and sang professionally, despite the heat. The maidens came up with a perfect plan to avoid being eaten by the dragons. The 'Raining Men' did nothing to cool the situation and the boys and girls impressed us with their dancing. The hunting party were weary after their long trip to the dragon's cave and had to pull each other up onto the stage. The dragons pushed up the temperature in the marquee even further, dancing along to 'Fire'. Luckily Mrs Austin had been very clear about her evacuation procedures! After a surprising twist, the dragons turned out to be vegetarians and not interested in eating the poor maidens after all! George, who tried hard to be brave, found a friend in Rebecca. The maidens vowed to keep his inadequacies a secret. Year 2 are grateful for the help and support of the parents and staff involved in their production.



Year 1 Summer Performance ‘There’s a Sunflower in my Supper’


On Thursday afternoon, Year 1 took pleasure in entertaining their parents with their annual Summer Performance. This year's story was narrated by a variety of animals and market sellers who all lived on Grassy Hill. Daisy, our main character, was bored by her monotonous diet of grass and dreamt of growing more exciting plants. Unexpectedly finding an unusual seed, she secretly plants it under a bucket. With a little gardening advice from a Wise Old Owl, the seed begins to grow. Daisy's cow friends, who have had an earlier "incident" with a beanstalk and the unwelcome arrival of a giant, are initially alarmed by the plant's rapid growth. However, to everyone's delight, a beautiful sunflower emerges. With the arrival of autumn, the sunflower wilts, leaving seeds for the animals to eat and for new sunflowers to grow and multiply. The children sang beautifully and gave a charming performance. Well done, Year 1.


We would like to thank all the parents for providing the lovely costumes and to Mrs Secker in particular for making the wonderful cow costumes.



Kindergarten Summer Performance: The Ugly Duckling


On Tuesday morning the Kindergarten children performed their fantastic Summer production of The Ugly Duckling. As the lights dimmed, the farm animals slept, waiting to be awoken by the crowing cockerels to open the show. A lively performance ensued following the journey of two 'ugly' ducklings from their clumsy beginnings to their transformation into beautiful, elegant swans. The children confidently delivered their lines, with loud, clear voices and loved singing a collection of well-known traditional and contemporary songs. The rocking Robins and graceful Cygnets performed their dances wonderfully with rhythm and flair. We would like to say a huge thank you for all your support in helping the children to learn their lines and for the beautiful feathered costumes. We hope you enjoyed the performance and have a wonderful Summer.



Nursery Summer Play - Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie


Nursery Red and Nursery Yellow had a wonderful time performing their show 'Tadpole Rag and Caterpillar Boogie'. It was an inspiring experience for all who watched. The children learnt their lines, actions and gestures beautifully, and it was wonderful to see how their confidence has grown during their time in Nursery. The children thoroughly enjoyed the show and the great encouragement that came from the audience. We must thank the parents for providing the costumes and Miss Taman for teaching the songs to the children and playing the piano with great gusto.


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