cover180917Year 6 were very fortunate to start their year with an amazing residential trip to Bushcraft! For two nights, the children experienced camping in the Oxfordshire Woodlands. During our stay Year 6 were split into three tribes; the first activity was to create a flag, a detailed tribe history and a tribal dance. It was very entertaining to watch! The children learnt survival skills, shelter building, bush first aid, trap making, how to create a fire from scratch and ultimately the ability to work as a team. A particular highlight was the swimming session; the children were very courageous as they jumped into the cold lake. After that, the hot chocolates were much needed! The children showed great independence, leadership and resilience while camping and their positive attitude throughout the trip was wonderful to see.


"I really enjoyed jumping into the freezing lake even though there was a burning sensation at first, which made us all scream, but we were laughing non-stop at the same time. It was so much fun!" Oscar 6T

"I delighted in building the shelters the most. When we had finished making our shelters, we had a strong feeling of satisfaction and I was quite excited about sleeping in them even in the cold weather." Sachin 6T


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