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'Hovercars, robot butlers and "rainbow pools" - all integral to Dubai's future, according to these 10-year-old British schoolchildren who were asked to imagine the high-tech city a decade from now.' The Telegraph online

'The thrilling and ever-changing city of Dubai prides itself on shaping the future of family holidays. To ensure Dubai delivers exactly what families want, the Dubai Department of Tourism is taking market research to the next level. Their latest focus group is made up of ten-year-old students from a school in West London. The kids have been recruited to help Dubai find out what the visitors of the future really want from a perfect holiday. The kids were asked a range of questions about what a holiday of the future might look like and their fascinating ideas cover everything from hover car treasure hunts to restaurants with digital menus.' Family traveller


DUBAI_V1.2 from Kew College on Vimeo.


Eight lucky children from Year 5 were invited to take part in a Critical Thinking exercise about tourism in the future – what will it all be about? Shouts, cries and exclamations filled the air as they each worked on different questions posed, such as:


• If you could invent a new theme park ride what would it be like?
• Describe the swimming pool of the future?
• Invent a gadget for a hotel bedroom of the future.
• Create your favourite holiday menu.
• If you could transport your favourite London attraction to Dubai what would it be?
• Invent a new game to play in the desert.


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As usual, our pupils excelled and wowed the Dubai Tourist Board with their fascinating ideas and the articulate manner in which they delivered them on camera. The sheer idea of a water volcano in a swimming pool and a menu with which one could interact and select the language at the touch of a button makes us all impatient for the future – can we have these in London please? Although London will be coming to Dubai in the form of a replica Globe theatre, if one of our Year 5s has her way! To add to the fun of it all, the interviews and filming happened at the top of the Shard; the weather was kind (for once!) - it must have been the most beautiful day of the Autumn season. The views were astounding and the children felt royally treated with their little bags of goodies by way of a thank you gift.


The CEO of the Dubai Tourist Board is due to visit Kew College in the Summer Term to feed back to the children; this is sure to be an engrossing experience.


Please take the time to watch the following video, which features our budding entrepreneurs and technological geniuses; they wowed and impressed in equal measure. Well done, children! It will be fascinating to see if any of their ideas come to fruition in the future...