FV3A8996 webOh What a Wonderful Scene!

This year's Spring Concert at St Anne's Church was nothing short of spectacular.

Every year group delivered their choir performance to perfection and with such enthusiasm that the audience couldn't help but smile throughout. The theme was 'Captain Noah and His Floating Zoo'; the finale song 'Two by Two' being the most memorable for the participants and audience alike, I expect they are still humming it now!

The opening scene was something very different this year. Purposefully creating a storm with sound and light effects, all of the children successfully delivered the effect of a terrifying storm through their movements. This was very well-received by the audience.

Once again the standard of singing at Kew has been raised, and all rose to the challenge of such a demanding show. Every year group choir had their moment to shine and they were a real credit to themselves in the delivery of the convincing and clearly pronounced lyrics.

Year 6 set the bar incredibly high this year with some overwhelming harmonies throughout the concert. The selected vocal group singers also delivered their sections at a high level.

As well as the unforgettable choir pieces there were a record number of show-stopping ensemble and solo performances this year. Recorder Group, Beatz Club, String Group, Kool Tunes Choir and Wind Band all performed exceptionally well. The String Quartet made a debut performance in this concert; the standard of which was incredible, as well as being pupil-led.

All of the solo performers deserve to be praised for their efforts. Following a round of auditions during the term, they were carefully selected to perform a variety of pieces on different instruments. Each and every one delivered their pieces with clarity, conviction and confidence. Well done to all of those piano, trumpet, violin, flute and recorder soloists who really did shine in this concert.

The concert was truly polished, perfected and professional on all levels of delivery. Every child who participated should feel proud of their efforts not just in the final performance, but also in the hard work done to learn lyrics outside of music lessons.

This concert reflected the team spirit of Kew College in its entirety, as all of the staff involved pulled together to make the concert run seamlessly.

In particular, thanks should be given to Miss Taman for bringing such a challenging show together, and for her enthusiastic conducting reflecting the passion for music in our school.