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book2018 webWhat an exciting day!

The Year 3 area was transformed into Hogwarts and the children were sorted into the four houses for the day. Mr 'Mad Eye Moody' Miller led Slytherin and Hufflepuff, and Miss 'Luna Lovegood' O'Hare led Ravenclaw and Gryffindor. The children were treated to a performance and workshop with Gareth P. Jones, as well as a fascinating talk by a favourite author of the Junior House, SF Said, who talked to the children about how he developed Varjak Paw. We don't think the children will mind uplevelling their work after hearing he wrote nearly 20 drafts before it was published!




Today has been a great day; I especially enjoyed the costume parade where we got to see the whole school's costumes. Amy 3O


I loved our workshop with Gareth P. Jones, he was really fun and cool, his songs were hilarious! Charlie 3M


Today was great, guessing the 'Teacher's Shelfies' was hard, I think I've got a few right. I definitely know it was Miss O'Hare's because it had a picture of Skip on it!" Isla 3O



Year 2
An amazing array of book characters arrived in Year 2 to celebrate Book Day in style! With the promise of the visit of author Gareth P. Jones to Kew College, the children were thrilled to be greeted by a crew of Steampunk Pirates (both in junk-modelled and human/robot form)! They set about creating their own robot pirates to join Captain Clockheart aboard the Leaky Battery, showing flair, imagination and creativity in their designs. Throughout the day, they were excited to meet The Tiger Who Came To Tea, read with a buddy from Year 6 and get comfortable with a favourite book during the Big Read. We are certainly all inspired to continue our reading journeys after today's experiences!

Year 1
Amid great excitement and anticipation, the Year 1 teachers welcomed their new classes for the day, comprised of a multitude of famous book characters. With faces and bodies cleverly disguised by capes, cloaks, hats and masks, it was a real challenge taking the register. The children began the day with a workshop by the author, Gareth P. Jones. What a treat to meet the brains behind the book we have been reading this week, 'Beards from Outer Space'. "He played a guitar and made a pirate puppet talk in a funny voice!" Sophie. We enjoyed listening to his story about a young boy called Sid, who set out on a journey to find the Pirate Captain. The children were then treated to more story-telling when Year 5 came to visit us, after which the costume parade was held. What a fun opportunity to not only show-off our impressive outfits, but also to cheer on our friends and teachers. Book Day is never complete without a visit from a surprise character. This year, the children delighted in sharing a yummy picnic with none other than The Tiger, who "came to tea" in our classroom. "That Tiger is so hungry!" Josie. It was a wonderful day thoroughly enjoyed by all!

Our wonderful Book Day began with the discovery of two Bog Babies awaiting our arrival in the Kindergarten classrooms. These shy creatures had followed Mrs Power and Mrs Rizzo to school when they had heard of all the exciting things Kew College were planning for Book Day. The Bog Babies were very excited to meet all the children and see their fantastic costumes, but they were a little bit nervous as they had never been so far from their home in Bluebell Wood. To make them feel welcome, safe and happy, we decided to make some friends for the Bog Babies and a cosy place for them to stay. The children used leaves, moss, twigs and other natural materials and arranged them in boxes to create their new homes. The Bog Babies were thrilled and absolutely loved them! In the afternoon, the children were entertained by our visiting author, Gareth P. Jones who gave a lively and fun workshop, which inspired the children to use their imaginations and develop a love for storytelling and writing. We look forward to the adventures we will have in our classrooms, through sharing our stories and using our imaginations.

It is the time of year again for 'Book Day'. Our Nursery children were fully entertained by the author Gareth P. Jones. The expressions on their faces told the story, as he read aloud using gestures and had the children joining in enthusiastically. We had a surprise visit from The Tiger Who Came To Tea, who left the class with a big tummy after finishing all our picnic food. The day continued with more treats; knock, knock on the door came Year 3 and 5 pupils to have group reading sessions with the Nursery children. The day ended with a parade displaying their amazing, sparkly costumes.

A warm thank you to Gareth P. Jones for his excellent workshops and to all of the Infant House parents for supplying the children's brilliant costumes.


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