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IMG 1587 frontWe were particularly fortunate with the weather for this year's Bushcraft residential trip. Year 6 spent three days camping in the Oxfordshire Woodlands, during which time they learnt how to build their own shelter, how to create a fire from scratch, survival skills and bush First Aid amongst other things. Bushcraft promotes the ability to work as part of a team and this year's three "tribes", the 'Juicy Fruits', 'Keeping Up with the Kampers' and 'The Onions of the Caribbean' were no exception. As ever, the swimming session was a particular highlight; as the children courageously threw themselves into the icy lake, their squeals of delight could be heard echoing through the woods. The pupils' talents were evident around the campfire. However, the same cannot be said for the judging panel of teachers!

Overall, the children had a fantastic experience at Bushcraft 2018 and the valuable life skills that they have acquired will stay with them for many years to come.


"Chatting excitedly, we made our way over to a copse of trees. We would have to be as stealthy as possible to sneak our way as close to one of the instructors as we could without being seen. Excitement crept through my veins as we lined up to start the thrilling Sniper game. Making my way warily forwards, I tried not to disturb a single blade of grass. People were caught all around me, but I was not noticed. I thought that that game was the most memorable experience of Bushcraft". Angus 6C


"Overall 'The Bushcraft Challenge' was a tremendously enjoyable experience that I learnt a lot from! It taught me teamwork, how to deal with an unconscious person and how not to light a fire!". Isabella 6T


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