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 Today, Year 3 took part in a workshop to support their History topic this term, 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'. Our hands-on activities started in the Mesolithic period, back in 10,000 BC. We knapped flint to make Stone Age tools such as arrow and spear heads using hard stones and antlers. Our next activity took us to the Neolithic period, 3,000 BC. Using 'foam stones', the children built a replica Stonehenge and considered how it might have looked when it was first built. In pairs, we used replica Bronze Age tools to create jewellery as they would have done in 2500 BC. Another activity enjoyed by the children today was using querns to grind corn as people did at the start of the age of agriculture (Iron Age 800 BC-43 AD). However, our biggest achievement of the day was the assembly of our 3m diameter Iron Age roundhouse. Everybody worked together in groups over the whole day in order to complete the construction. We thought this looked like a fairly small home for a family of four but we all managed to squeeze in for a photo!