We love our Sport at Kew College. The children participate in many competitive fixtures against other schools in Cricket, Football, Hockey, Netball, Rounders and Rugby. We also compete in Borough sports such as Athletics and Swimming. Children are chosen for teams on the basis of ability, commitment and attitude to the sport and every child is given the opportunity to take part in at least one competitive fixture per term. In addition to this, there are numerous Inter-House competitions within school where every child participates in a team.


Swimming is another sport enjoyed by our pupils, many of whom represent the school in competitive galas against other schools. Every child is given the opportunity to swim in a competitive gala and places are determined on the basis of timings which are reassessed each term.




Time  Yr Versus Result



trainers Cross Country 15  1.30pm 4-6 Assorted Schools (A)


netball Netball 17  1.45pm 3,4 PGP (H)    
trainers Cross Country 21  1.45 3 Eaton House (A)  
trainers Cross Country 22   4-6 St James    
football Football 23  9.30 am 5,6 Borough (A)    
netball Netball 25 4.30pm 5,6 Broomfield House (A)    
hockey  Hockey 29  1.3pm  5  Falcons (H)    
swim Swimming 31     St Cathrines (A)    


swim Swimming 1   3-6 LEH (A)  


rugby Rugby 5  2pm 3-4  Roche (H)    
netball Netball 7    3  Broomfield House (H)    
rugby Rugby 7   6 OHS (H)


swim Swimming 11     Cranmore Sch (A)    
football Girls Football 12     St James (A)    
swim Swimming 14 6.15pm   Borough Swim Heats (A)    
netball Netball 27 9.30am 5&6 Borough (A)    
rugby Rugby 28   3-6 St James (A)    
netball Netball 28 9am 6 IAPS (A)    


swim Swimming 1 4.15pm   Gala IBS (A)    
trainers Cross Country 1   6 RPPS (A)    
netball Netball 5   3 Heathfield Hse (H)    
rugby Rugby 7 2.15pm 3 Eaton Hse Sch (A)    
hockey Hockey 7   5 RPPS    
 netball  Netball 12    4 Hethfield Hse (A)     
swim Swimming 13 2pm 3-6  Borough Finals (A)    
hockey Hockey 14 1.30pm 5 Falcons (H)    
rugby Rugby 16   5 Tournament (A)    
rugby Rugby 19 1.30pm 3 Chepstow Hse (H)    
netball Netball 23 9am   Queen Annes Tourn (A)