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BOOKS COME TO LIFE AT KEW COLLEGE                                                 Our children swarmed excitedly through the doors in a fabulous array of costumes and immersed themselves in ... See more details
Senior School Entrance Exam Results 2020- 21   We are delighted to share with you the truly excellent results from our Year 6 pupils’ entrance exams to secondary school. We are so very proud of our pupils who have excelled in every possible way. They have worked hard to achieve these outstanding results and I know that you will join ... See more details
Remembrance Service 11th November 2020 Remembering the sacrifices made by so many for the future of others is very important to our school community. Today, Year 6 held their very own virtual Remembrance Service which we shared with the whole school community. They recited war poetry which they wrote after studying John McCrae’s well-k ... See more details