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Odd Socks Day Kew College pupils put their best feet forward at the start of this year’s Anti-Bullying Week. To support the work of the Anti-Bullying Alliance, children and staff spent the day wearing odd socks, to celebrate our individuality and what makes us all unique. Socks were all colours, patterns and le ... See more details
Maths Day 2021 Friday, 12th November 2021 – a palindromic date (12.11.21) and so the perfect day for Kew College to have its Maths Day. Pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6 enjoyed a variety of activities. Kindergarten to Year 4 welcomed The Happy Puzzle Company, who invited them to participate in fun puzzles, gam ... See more details
Remembrance Assembly 2021 Always such a solemn and poignant occasion, the annual Remembrance Assembly for Armistice is a time of reflection and showing respect for those who lost lives before us.   Having not done this for two years, it was wonderful to see the whole school pull together for such an important event. A ... See more details