The following addenda to the Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy and the Complaints Policy will apply during the COVID 19 situation.


ADDENDUM TO Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy during COVID 19

ADDENDUM TO Complaints Policy and Procedure during COVID 19

33a-V02.5 Complaints Policy and Procedure inclu. addendum

2a-V02.4 Curriculum Policy

3b-V02.3 Special Educational Needs including Children with Learning Difficulites or Disabilities Policy

3c-V02.3 English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy

7a-V08 Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

7e-V06.2 Staff Code of Conduct

7h-V04 Internet and On-Line Safety Policy

9a-V03.3 Good Behaviour, Discipline and Sanctions including Exclusions Policy

10a-V02.4 Anti-Bullying Policy

10b-V03.3 Anti-Cyber Bullying Policy

11 -V02.5 Health and Safety Policy

13a-V02.4 First Aid Policy

15a-V04.4 Admissions Policy

32-V03.4 Additional Information for Parents

32d-V01.4 Privacy Notice

KC1-V01.3 Mission Statement