IMG 5605Every year, Kew College celebrates its Founder's Day in March to commemorate the generosity of Mrs Hamilton-Spry who gifted the school and its buildings to the charitable trust 'Kew College' in 1985. The school was originally founded in 1927 by Mrs Ellen Upton, in rooms over a shop in Kew Village. It later moved to the Mortlake Road and then to 26 Cumberland Road expanding into 24 Cumberland Road. Mrs Upton retired in 1953 and sold the school to Mrs Hamilton-Spry who is still remembered with affection. Founder's Day is celebrated in school when the children are given the opportunity to enjoy new experiences and activities that extend and challenge them and encourage both independent and cooperative skills.

What a sensational day our children have! The day begins with exquisite renditions from our fabulous Wind Band such as 'Spring' by Vivaldi or 'In the Mood,' by Glen Miller. Every year sees the Juniors scale the treacherous heights of the climbing wall - a hot favourite with them all, some overcoming their fears; each and every one rising to the challenge. Children flex their muscles and hone their shooting skills in archery and circus skills where they juggle with finesse, dress up as true circus performers and wobble around on miniature circus bikes and scooters. They come up close and comfortable with an array of animals and creatures such as boa constrictors, pythons, tarantulas, meerkats and African Bull frogs, to name but a few. Drumming workshops including African drumming and the steel pans return regularly, as do other exciting adventures such as mini-golf, the escape room and model making. For all, there are so many other off-curriculum classroom activities to enjoy.

IMG 4301Our parents add to the enjoyment with their mouth-watering and eye catching cakes, proudly dressed in the school colours; the culinary talent in our playground is spectacular. Centre stage is always one of Mrs Morey's exquisite cakes, which are a sight to behold and have become legend in the school, decorated in the theme of the day!

As always, the children of Kew College throw themselves into all these events with enthusiasm and energy and have a spectacular day. "Founder's Day is the best day ever!" exclaimed a Year 5 child. This wonderful comment sums up the whole atmosphere and 'WOW' factor of the day. What a wonderful way to celebrate Founder's Day !