The passion and power of music is apparent in Kew College performances at every level, whether in lessons, assemblies, year-group concerts or whole school events.


FV3A0237Our Concerts are a showcase for our musical performers and give the children practical skills in presenting their music to parents, teachers and governors. In addition to these concerts, children have the opportunity to play in Assembly in both the Junior and Infant House and to demonstrate their achievements on their instrument to inspire other children to learn. At Christmas, a group of our carol singers performs at 'Kew Sparkle' in Kew Village. During the Summer Fair, various instrumental groups play and choirs sing, allowing the children to work on their performing skills and displaying the talent at Kew College. The Wind Band opens important events such as Founder's Day and the Wind Band and String Group combine for the opening of the carol service with the Junior Orchestra.


Groups sing at other community-based concerts and have performed at venues including the Royal Albert Hall and Wembley Arena.


Autumn Term - Christmas Carol Service


A Carol Service for Years 3 – 6 is held at St. Anne's Church, Kew Green at the end of every Autumn Term. The service itself is primarily a Christmas celebration in song, with each year group and all of the school choirs having the chance to demonstrate their singing prowess. This is a joyous occasion for the school community.


FV3A0158A parent who has had three children at Kew College wrote;


''We very much enjoy the Carol Service every year. It is always so entertaining and joyful. We thought it was amazing to see how every child had an important part to play.''


The school recorded 'Christmas Carols at Kew College' so that the music can be enjoyed for many years to come. The CD collection was a sell-out.



Spring Term - Music Concerts


FV3A4041The Junior House celebrates with a Spring Music Concert performed in St Anne's Church, Kew. This draws together musicians from recorder groups, string group, string quartet, and wind band. Coupled with singers from the school choirs, soloists and small groups, the concerts celebrate the talent of our children. It is an opportunity for instrumentalists to perform a variety of music with their ensembles.


P1070927In the Infant House, Years 1 and 2 each perform in an informal concert for their parents. Musicians of all levels are given an opportunity to participate, and both concerts show case our fabulous singers with a bespoke year group choir.


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