Art Exhibition


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Every second year the School holds and Art Exhibition to display the terrific range of work available and the breadth of talent we have here at Kew College.

Pupils delight in formally inviting their parents to the occasion where Art from every single pupil in the school adorns the walls and display boards, beautifully mounted and framed.

Pieces from our Art Day workshops are also highly visible for all to admire. It is always a joy to listen to the discussions between parent and child as to how the finished work of art was produced.

Parents have the opportunity to purchase framed versions of their children’s art or to have them turned into postcards and greetings cards.

Comments made by parents include:

"All these wonderful special days like French Day, Founder's Day, Book Day, Art Day and the Art Exhibition demonstrate how Kew College really inspires its pupils."

"The art at the school is sensational! I had no idea that children were capable of such excellence and such ingenuity."

"Art has changed since I was young; now it is fun and creative and amazing!"


Thank you to our children whose love of art makes these amazing events possible.