The Stewart family

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The Stewart family has two children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. Angus is in Year 3 and Lachlan now attends Westminster School.


"This is our 10th year as a Kew College family. Both of our boys joined the school in the Nursery at the age of 3 and have flourished in the nurturing and caring environment the school provides. We chose Kew College after being shown around by very impressive Year 6 pupils when Lachlan was a baby. The children were all confident, articulate, well mannered, and thoroughly nice kids who were comfortable in the company of adults. Both of our boys have thrived at Kew College and always raced enthusiastically into school each day. The teaching and school philosophy is very much focused on helping each child to achieve their best in a happy environment. As parents, we really couldn't ask for more."


The Ahmed family

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The Ahmed family have four girls. Their eldest girl has now transferred at 11+ to St Pauls and the three younger girls remain at Kew College.


"Zara, our youngest daughter, is due to start Kew College in September.  We are so excited for her, but with a tinge of sadness, as our eldest daughter Ayesha will be leaving, having completed Year 6. Ayesha said to us, “I’m so glad that you chose Kew College for us”.


We chose Kew College for our four daughters Ayesha, Laila, Hana and Zara for its warm atmosphere and its happy, friendly, and well-mannered pupils.  We feel fortunate to have also found a school which fulfils its promise of educating our children to their highest potential. 


There is something for every child – whether it is academic study, creativity, music or sport.  The support we have had from the school has been fantastic, particularly through the common entrance exams.  Our daughters enjoy the Fencing, ICT and Arts and Crafts clubs, as well as going to the games field twice a week to participate in the variety of sports that the school offers.  Only Ayesha has been on the school residential trips as yet but has said that they have been absolutely amazing despite being nervous before she went. 


We have children with differing abilities and personalities but Kew College has provided support and education for all of them.  Every child at this school is unique, but one thing that every child here has in common is that he or she will leave strengthened by their experience at Kew College."



The Hiorns family


IMG 5656The Hiorns family has three children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. The eldest boy has recently left to attend St Paul's Boys and the twin boys are currently in Year 5.


Kew College has been a really happy educational foundation for our three boys. Children are encouraged to read early and their achievements are praised and celebrated. Reward certificates for special efforts or improvements are regularly presented in morning assemblies to which parents are invited. From within the school, children see themselves as valued members of the school and local community through fund raising for charity, local events or sports matches with other schools. Parents play an active role in school life. They also enjoy numerous social events which foster friendship and form a support network. We believe Kew College has been an excellent springboard for our 5-11 year olds.



The Hughes family


Hughes familyThe Hughes family has four children, all of whom have attended or are currently at Kew College. Georgie is in Year 6, Helena is on a gap year after finishing at Latymer Upper, Sophie is currently at Latymer in the Lower Sixth and Jamie is at St Paul's School.


'We have been associated with Kew College for some 15 years and I still remember my astonishment at how engaged the children were in a truly inspirational Maths lesson when I was first shown round the school. The school had a very friendly feel and the Year 6 guides were articulate and confident. I knew it would be a great place to send my children. Over the years, it has developed the facilities and extra-curricular activities tremendously, so in our view, it just gets better and better. My children have felt fully supported in their studies and well prepared to move on to senior school. They look back fondly on their Kew College years and I know Georgie will be very sad to leave this year. 




The Boatswain Family


Boatswain FamilyThe Boatswain family have two children at Kew College. Oscar is in Year 6 and Felix is in Year 3.


'We were looking for a local school that would help nurture normal children with solid values and must have a uniform!! We were sold on the Open Day where a few Year 6 children were left to sign us in, show us around and un-rehearsed, answer questions on their school. If our sons turned out like that we knew we would be happy...


Eight years later, seemingly only five minutes since we were dropping him off at Nursery, Oscar is off to Colet Court in September. The lead up to the change of school can be a traumatic time but we felt that Kew College knows the children so well that it was akin to having a mentor and a tutor on call. As such, the school was true to its word and unlocked the potential of our eleven year old.


The journey is not over, as we now have Felix beginning Year 4. We know he is in good hands and we are totally convinced we made the best decision for our boys. Wherever Felix goes next, it will be the right school for him.


Kew College was verbally recognised at every secondary school interview we attended as a local school that delivers well-rounded, confident, unpretentious children – we agree!!'



The Greensmith Family



The Greensmith family have three children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. Ella is in Year 5, Joshua attends St. Paul's School and Hannah attends The Lady Eleanor Holles School.


'As a family we have been members of the Kew College community since 2001 when our eldest, Hannah, child started in Nursery. The reason we chose the school all those years ago was simple - the pupils were happy and confident and that was exactly what we wanted for our own children. All our children have thrived - our eldest two have gone onto LEH and St Paul's and our youngest is in Year 5. For all the family the school has been a great experience, with a clear and caring ethos for the children and a strong community for parents.'


The Heaney Family


The Heaney family have three children who have attended or are at Kew College. Tilly is in Year 5, Gabriel attends Hampton School and Maya attends The Lady Eleanor Holles School. 


'We have been a Kew College family for over 12 years and all three of our children have been exceptionally happy there. We chose the school as we were so impressed by the Year 6 children who showed us around during an Open Day. They were confident, kind, bright and happy – traits that are important to us and encouraged by Kew College. 



The academic achievements speak for themselves but Kew College also focuses on extra-curricular activities, an important preparation for secondary school.'



The Holland Family



The Holland family have three children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. Louis is in Kindergarten, Eleanor is in Year 3 and Marilys has moved on to Surbiton High School.


'The excellent teaching staff at Kew College and the small class sizes provide a wonderfully friendly and nurturing educational environment. Our children always look forward to going to school and love to talk to us about what they are learning there.'


The El-baz Family


The El-baz family have three children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. Ella is in Year 4, Ilana attends Putney High School and Zack attends St. Paul's School.


'I have three very different children who started in Kew College Nursery aged three and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that Kew College has brought out the best in each of them. The school doesn't just teach – it teaches the children how to learn, how to solve problems for themselves and how to become independent and critical thinkers.



By the time our two eldest children moved on to secondary school, they were proud of their achievements, confident enough to share their opinions and happy with who they had become. Not only does Kew College excel in Maths and English, but it has time to give the children a grounding and interest in other subjects and has many extra-curricular activities (including School Productions, Art, Photography and Sport). I can't recommend the school highly enough.'


The Buckle Family



The Buckle family have three children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. Ted is in Year 6 while Juliet and Kristin both attend The Lady Eleanor Holles School.


'All three of our children have spent their primary school years, from Nursery to Year 6, at Kew College. They also have three cousins at the school! We have all enjoyed the friendly, supportive atmosphere and the children have benefited immensely from the strong academic focus together with the fantastic Art, Drama, Music and sporting opportunities.'


The Morey Family


The Morey family have three children who have attended or are currently at Kew College. James is in Year 2, Matthew is in Year 5 and Robert attends Hampton School. 


'Our three boys have all been at Kew College since Nursery, with our oldest having recently started at Hampton. They have loved being at the school and in particular the regular special events that take place every year, such as Founder's Day, Book Day, Sport's Day and all the concerts. The teachers make such an effort to make these special, memorable and relevant, and each year they seem to come up with new and exciting ideas



My boys can't wait to get to school to see what they've come up with! The after school clubs have been of great interest to them, favourites having been: Games Club, Cooking, Computers, Golf, Jewellery and Art. Each child matters and is supported, academically and pastorally. We chose Kew College on our first visit many years ago because we were struck by how friendly, down to earth and confident the pupils were who took us round the school.'