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The first day at Nursery is a big step for your child


The youngest members of our school enter Kew College in Nursery. Their classrooms are designed around the EYFS curriculum, offering ample space and resources to support children's learning and development at the very beginning of their school lives. Our dedicated teachers create learning areas that are bright and stimulating, with an atmosphere of warmth, happiness and encouragement.



A child's experience in the Early Years has a major impact on their future life and learning, therefore, we want your child to enjoy coming to school. Our aim is to make every day a joyful, positive and creative experience. We help to support your child's curiosity and independence, giving them the confidence to blossom. As well as addressing the academic aspects of the curriculum, we teach our children about the importance of friendship, to care for and respect each other, to value co-operation and to be tolerant of all differences. We aim to give all of our children the best possible start in life and the support to reach their potential.