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Specialist Lessons


All classes benefits from weekly lessons with specialist teachers for Music, ICT, PE, Gymnastics, Dance and Music and Movement.


PE4PE – Our PE lessons focus on key skills including spatial awareness, co-operation and hand-eye co-ordination. We play a variety of playground games such as the 'Mr Man Game' and 'Stuck in the Mud'. Children learn to handle balls, rackets. beanbags, hoops and bats. Each year culminates in our whole school Sports Day, in which every child participates in traditional races.

Mrs Tabor, Head of Games



Gymnastics – In Gymnastics, the children learn to move in different ways, varying both height and speed. They are introduced to simple stretches, with each being linked with a different animal. They learn the correct technique for forward and backward rolls, log, pencil, butterfly and teddy bear rolls. They enjoy opportunities to use equipment such as benches, mats, box tops and especially the play frame!

Mrs Tabor, Head of Games


Music - Children love our singing games and stories, using puppets and hand-held percussion instruments. When we practise the songs with percussion and actions we learn the tunes and words easily and quickly. Using our whispering, speaking and singing voices, we learn to control pitch and volume. Xylophones, glockenspiels and a whole range of percussion sounds are used in our guessing the sound games as we try to match the sounds to the instruments. We sing our way joyfully through Assemblies, Harvest, Christmas Plays and our Summer performances each year.

Miss Joanna Taman, Head of Music


MUSIC AND MOVEMENTMusic and Movement - The children find enormous fun in the warm-up exercises, stretching to the music, jumping with the beat, clapping, tapping, stamping, stomping and so on. They become fully absorbed in expression to music, acting out stories with musical accompaniment, imitating animal movements and performing action and number songs. These lessons lay the foundations for musical appreciation and Drama.

Miss Joanna Taman, Head of Music


DanceThe children are introduced to dance through skipping exercises. They are encouraged to move freely to music and to develop a sense of tempo and rhythm in their movements. Through music and dance the children develop greater spatial awareness, improve their gross motor skills and demonstrate their creativity and imagination.

Mr Gayle, Dance Teacher