nyle resizedBocketts Farm
Bocketts Farm is a working family farm set in the Surrey countryside. Our Nursery children visit the farm to watch pig races, hop on board the tractor and trailer and to feed some of the young farm animals including lambs, kids, piglets and chicks. This provides a hands-on experience that teaches the children about animal care, life cycles and hygiene.



Theatre Bugs

Theatre Bugs is an in school workshop in which children participate in magical story based sessions incorporating music, drama and dance. Sessions are designed to captivate our children's imaginations and transport them into another world. They learn to come up with ideas to solve mysteries through imaginative play and make believe, developing communication, observation and problem solving skills.


Nature Collection
The Nature Collection is like a travelling Natural History Museum comprising an extraordinary collection of animal bones, skeletons, feathers, antlers, skins and photographs. It celebrates the urban wildlife which we see every day in our gardens, parks and along the riverside and gives children an unforgettable hands-on experience which inspires them to go out and explore the world around them.


pizza resizedPizza Express
Our visit to Pizza Express in Kew begins with a walk to Kew Village. The children learn about the importance of using fresh ingredients, healthy eating, food hygiene and how to stay safe in the kitchen. Each child creates their own pizza base, kneading the dough before adding toppings. This trip links to the class topic about Harvest and aims to inspire a love of basic home values including cooking and sharing food.


Bird World
Supporting our topic on Birds, Kindergarten visit Bird World which is a 26 acre park, home to hundreds of unusual birds. The aim of our visit is to promote an understanding of the animal kingdom. The children enjoy talks from experts which are designed to capture their interest and imagination. They learn how birds adapt to their natural habitats. This year they visited the Heron Theatre Bird Show.


Christmas Pantomime
The Infant House come together at the end of the Autumn Term to celebrate Christmas with a pantomime. Plenty of audience participation means that our children feel involved and engaged in the story throughout. In recent years we have enjoyed the story of Dick Whittington and his cat and Aladdin.


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