A wide range of after school clubs is available to children in the Junior House each term.


Some of these activities are led by Kew College members of staff, while others are led by outside providers and parent volunteers. We try to plan our extra curricular clubs to cater for the variety of interests of our pupils. Many of the clubs are open to mixed year groups, giving opportunities for our children to make new friends and to work with children of different ages.


Debating Club This is a popular club. Through interesting debate topics, children are encouraged to research the topic, develop their powers of persuasion and public speaking skills and to see arguments from both points of view.
Arts and Crafts Club This is an exciting club with lots of fun things to do and make. Week on week, the creative activities entail building on existing skills and adding new ones.
Fencing Club Fencing is a very technical sport, requiring little strength, so girls and boys can compete on a 'level playing field'. It improves cardiovascular fitness, coordination, strength, speed, concentration and problem solving abilities. Fencers quickly improve their leadership skills as they will learn how to referee practice fights and enforce rules. Discipline plays a very important role in fencing and is thought to have a positive effect on children's general behaviour. Fencing can provide children, who may not excel at ball-based sports, with an opportunity to experience sporting success.
Jazz Dance This club, run by Roy Gayle, is enourmously popular and is a fun and healthy way for the children to enjoy fitness through modern dance to pop music. 
M: Tech Creative composition course in which children create exciting music using the latest music technologies. 



Music Groups


Keyboard Club

Children have the unique opportunity to get to play with other pianists and to impersonate an orchestra, a string quartet or a brass band. From Bach to Wagner, film music and operas, the band explores a whole spectrum of music in a fun and engaging way.

Wind Band


Every Friday lunchtime, the school hall echoes to the sound of flutes, clarinets, saxophones and trumpets all playing together brilliantly. We play a variety of popular tunes – Bare Necessities, Sword Dance, Vivaldi's Spring and The Can-Can to name but a few. The children are excellent ambassadors for the school, playing at school functions and concerts.

Kew Strings

Our Kew Strings Club offers fun-filled and motivating instrumental tuition. The children enjoy high quality musical experiences and have the opportunity to participate in concerts and play at whole school events.

Recorder Groups

Our Year 3 - 6 recorder groups are action-packed and produce excellent ensembles for concerts. Children develop their listening skills, musical skills and their ability to perform before large audiences.

Junior Choral Club

We love to sing our hearts out in our Junior Choral Club where we are encouraged in the joy of music and the value of performing together. Our aim is for all the children to build confidence when using their voices through singing different styles of music as a group, in harmony, in rounds or solo!