Dressed for all weathers in waterproofs and wellies, Kindergarten Green headed off for their first visit to Forest School on Thursday afternoon. Arriving at Ham Woods, we met Gill, Mandy and Tuscany who led us through the trees to the magic entrance to Forest School. All the children listened intently as Gill explained the rules of Forest School. It was then time for a game of Hide and Seek. As the children scurried off to find the perfect hiding place, Gill counted to 20 and then called, "1-2-3, where are you?" Excited voices replied from their hiding place – "1-2-3, we're over here!" Once everyone had been found, it was time to explore the forest; some children chose to make mud 'paint' and decorated the trees, whilst others created mud cakes. Gill produced rope and a log, asking, "What could we use this for?" Suggestions included a swing and a zip wire and before long children were working together to make a swing. All too soon, it was time to tidy up and head back through the forest to return to school, chattering all the way back about the next visit to Forest School.