KGB 6 frontChildren across the school have been fully engrossed in a myriad of truly exciting art activities designed around the theme of ‘Cultures from around the World’. They have thrown away all their inhibitions and taken an inspirational journey which has clearly awakened their creative spirits, to produce what will undoubtedly be masterpieces that will delight us for years to come. The EYFS have thoroughly enjoyed getting messy whilst painting handprints for a collage; Nursery pupils have been contributing to a group canvas based on the crown jewels and the Union Jack, whilst Kindergarten pupils have created a canvas based on British cultural icons. The outcomes are a real sensation.

Meanwhile the Infant House children have created mini canvases on the theme of ‘Love one another’ and were enthralled to carry out some Mexican weaving and screen printing with Kite Studios. Years 3 and 4 have been immersed in India whilst creating a collage of Indian elephant pastel drawings and beading; they have also enjoyed a Courtauld Gallery Outreach workshop on designing your own gallery and felt making on an Indian theme. Years 5 and 6 are in the far flung Orient, immersed in Japanese inspired printing with Kite Studios and designing oriental banners. What joy it is to see our children so fulfilled. I know that the children will join with myself and the rest of the staff to wholeheartedly thank Miss Schaffer for such a fabulous experience which was planned with precision, and a real passion for what she does.

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