IMG 5837 frontWhat a wonderful way to start our week!

Today the whole school enjoyed taking part in our very first 'Wellbeing Day.' The children all learned the 5 steps to Wellbeing: Give, Be Active, Connect, Keep Learning and Take Notice. They learned how to keep their minds healthy and happy, as well as their bodies. Lessons today were all about helping the children to look after their thoughts and feelings and they enjoyed a wide range of activities, from whole school Buddy-Reading, to making friendship bracelets to share with their peers. Each year group learned to be mindful and learned the basics of mindful movement and meditation. Everyone thought about what effect motivational messages and quotes have on us and wrote their own – look out for them hanging up around school!
It was a wonderful day, which provided a sense of calmness and reflection.

Esa 3K said 'I learned that when your head and your heart are healthy, you can achieve anything.'

Isabella P in 2H wrote a beautiful poem all about kindness:

Kindness looks like happiness,
Kindness sounds like laughing,
When you are kind I feel special,
When I am kind I feel proud.


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