Early on a bright Thursday morning Year 6 staff and pupils met bleary-eyed to begin their woodland adventure together. A short hike to the coach was clearly too much for some pupils, who immediately fell asleep until we were clear of London. As we approached the Oxfordshire countryside, the clouds in the sky became swollen and dark. Rain began to fall and the group fell peculiarly silent. However, as we pulled into the campsite car park the sky began to brighten. As we wandered further into the woods, we were treated to what would become our new staple, bright blue skies. One wondered if the Queen Beech Tree had decreed it to make us feel welcome.


Once into the camp the pace stiffened. Activity challenges were thrown at the children who excelled with camp craft, fire building, first aid survival, lake swimming and crayfish hunting to name a few. Games a plenty were played and much food was eaten to ensure energy levels were maintained. Some children even slept under the stars and a full moon on Friday the 13th!


After a high intensity few days all returned home to their parents with hair full of fire smoke, a bag full of washing and a good night's sleep required.



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