play galsThere was much excitement emanating from the marquee found in the playground at Kew College this past July. Gamblers, dancers, missionaries and police officers all came together to put on a terrific show for Kew parents. Singing their hearts out and dancing up a storm, these children brought the house down during their two performances.


Mathilda and Bria both played the hilarious songbird Adelaide. Their interpretations of the character made us all laugh out loud, while pulling at our heartstrings during the ballads. Luke and Harry played Nathan, the source of Adelaide’s heartache. The boys made us giggle with their witty one-liners and cheer at the end when Nathan and Adelaide, after a 14 year engagement, finally were married. Noah and Joshie brought style to the character of Sky Masterson, while Maya and Chloe’s portrayal of Sarah Brown was endearing. They captured Sarah’s innocence perfectly, matched only by Sky’s awakening for his love of Sarah. The highlight of each night had to be the song and dance number performed by the entire cast, led by Isabella and Ethan, when they belted ‘Sit Down You’re Rockin’ the Boat’. Toes were tapping by all in the audience, and cheering could be heard from the teachers in the wings!


I must thank all the performers for their hard work and dedication during our rehearsals and performances. They were beautifully supported by Kew College staff. Miss Taman with the music, Mr Roy for the dance numbers, Mrs Dimmock for the costumes, Miss Schafer for her set decoration, Mrs Tabor and Mr Budden for their stage management. Not to mention all the staff who gave their time to the production styling hair, make-up, helping children with quick changes and assisting parents to their seats. We could not have had a show without their generous help.


To all the performers, I wish you every success in the years to come. I hope that you enjoyed your time spent on the show and consider getting involved in productions at your senior schools. They would be very lucky to have you.


Many thanks,


Mrs Spicer