IMG 6235The children enjoyed a whale of a time today as we celebrated our Founder’s Day and the School’s 92nd birthday. After a wonderful opening by the Wind Band at the front of the school, they scampered up the climbing wall, played golf, made African masks and enjoyed an array of African minibeasts and small animals – what fun! The walls of the school resounded to the beat of African drums as the whole school immersed in the culture of Africa.

KCF delivered a myriad of gorgeous cakes to the classrooms, baked by our parents’ fair hands, and much adored by all. Thank you to all of our parents for your efforts, which were very much appreciated. Mrs Morey yet again excelled in baking the School’s Birthday Cake, which adorned the foyer and looked spectacular - the pupils were in raptures over it! We were thrilled to have the pleasure of a visit from members of the Notting Hill and Ealing High School Music Department, who entertained the Junior House. The very talented musicians sang and played for our pupils; we were all very impressed by the talent and variety of music we heard, ranging from choral to piano trios, saxophone and violin solos and a Jazz band that had our feet thumping and itching to dance!


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