On 9th September, Year 6 set off to the Cornbury Park Estate in Oxfordshire for their Bushcraft residential, in what was, for many of them their first experience of sleeping under canvas. The pupils were warmly welcomed by Ritchie, the camp leader and split into 3 "tribes". After learning to light a fire without matches, each tribe had to build its own shelter and create its own flag and tribe chant. A walk through the woodland allowed the children to learn about different kinds of trees and look in awe at a magnificent oak, the "Queen of the forest".


There were many sleepy faces on Day 2 but after a hearty cooked breakfast Year 6 undertook some basic First Aid training - luckily none was needed in the next activity, whittling a pencil! Later in the afternoon, we were alerted to an "incident" which put these skills to the test. The children performed admirably and successfully carried Mrs Tovey to safety on a stretcher.


After watching a salmon being filleted - and a brave few eating the eyeballs! - it was time to treat the staff to the "Tribes Got Talent" show. After some hilarious comedic performances, all participants were duly rewarded with "S'mores" around the campfire.


Saturday dawned early for those who had chosen to sleep in their shelters. The children learned about different sorts of traps and how to make them. After a delicious lunch of vegan wraps, the children cleared out camp and were instructed to ‘leave no trace’.


The children had a fabulous time and in addition to learning many practical skills, Year 6 came away with a better understanding of the meaning of teamwork.



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