Year 3 set off on their first trip of the year to the Science Museum on Wednesday. The coach pulled up outside the Natural History Museum and we strolled to the museum, taking in all the sights around us.


Once we arrived at the museum, we dropped off our bags, had a snack and headed straight to The Wonderlab. It was great to be in a museum where you are encouraged to touch everything and move around freely. Year 3 went down the slides, investigating which surfaces create the most friction just like we had done in class with toy cars.


“I really liked the slides because I liked finding out which one was the fastest”

Rosie and Anna 3H


I liked building the pipes because I liked seeing the ball going through, it was like a puzzle.

Rohan 3B


Next, we went to the lecture theatre for our “Feel the Forces” workshop. Phil the frog took a break from his very busy schedule to teach us about the three laws of motion, arriving in style in his froggy Ferrari. He also learned to overcome his fear of heights and was launched into the air on a water rocket while the children all chanted “Fly Phil fly!”


Toby and Ms Wellington were invited to take part in the shot put event in The Science Museum Games and Maddie and Zosia proved opposites really do attract when they helped demonstrate how magnets work.


“The presenter Chloe did a fascinating trick with eggs at the end of our workshop. “

Marisa 3H


After we went and had our lunch downstairs in the basement and explored the Secrets of the Home Gallery, which had lots of interesting appliances through the years including a flushable toilet!


Year 3 had a fun-filled day of forces, witnessing lots of awesome experiments and experiencing many Eureka moments.


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IMG 1458

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