For the first time in two years it was an absolute delight for Miss Taman to have the whole school take part in this glorious singing event to celebrate Harvest, and to honour our gratitude and thankfulness for being able to provide such generous donations to those less fortunate than ourselves. Once again, the sedum was filled with the joyous sound of enthusiastic voices, which echoed the ethos and values of this festival through a variety of songs. There were two separate music assemblies for this event: Infant and Junior.


The Infant Assembly was wonderful as every child from Nursery through to Year 2 gave it 100% effort! This assembly started with a debut performance from Young Voices Choir who sang a lovely medley of two pieces: Harvest Moon, and Whizz Bang Fizzy Crunch. Although some of our new choir members were a little nervous in their first-ever public performance, they all sang their hearts out and the audience were very supportive of this entrance music.
During the assembly each year group had their own song:
Nursery- Oats and Beans and Barley Grow
Kindergarten- It’s Harvest Time
Year 1- I Have Seen the Golden Sunshine
Year 2- Cauliflowers Fluffy
Each year group did themselves proud as they knew all of the lyrics from memory and were able to sing with energetic actions, as well as a lovely big smile!
To close the assembly everyone joined in with a musical favourite: The Harvest Cokey!
This was the perfect ending to such a fun assembly as even the staff joined in with the well-known choreography for this song. Thank you to all the Infant House children and staff for their wonderful efforts in pulling this assembly together.

The Junior assembly was, as always, fabulous as everyone involved gave it their all!
To open the assembly our newly formed Upper School Choir performed a modern piece, Celebrate the Harvest Today, which was well-received due to the upbeat and enthusiastic actions.
Then each year group did wonders with their performance of an individual song:
Year 3- The Harvest Samba
Year 4- Harvest of the Whole World
Year 5-Harvest Harmony
Year 6- Great is Your Faithfulness
To break up the fabulous singing, Year 6 provided some poetry readers; Huw, Isabella and Oliver. They did a fabulous job, and Miss Jones was proud of their efforts in pulling this together.
The whole of the Junior House then sang a Harvest classic; We Plough the Fields and Scatter. I was really proud of them for doing this from memory!


To close the assembly, we had another debut performance from our Junior Vocal Group. They finished with a reflective song: Think of a World Without any Flowers which allowed everyone to show their gratitude as they left the assembly.


Thank you to all the children and staff who have worked so hard in pulling this assembly together- including the work done at home.

We were pleased that we had an external visitor to watch today’s assembly: Caroline Ewart from Richmond Food Bank was able to share in the gratefulness for our wonderful food donations.

Thank you once again for all your generosity with the food donations, and Miss Taman is especially thankful to all of the teachers and parents who helped children across the school with singing practice in preparation for this event.


Happy Harvest!


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