Kindergarten Green were very excited to be heading off to visit Forest School again.


After meeting our Forest School helpers Sam, Sylvie and Sheto, we headed into the forest to Base Camp, calling out all the beautiful autumnal colours we could see on the way. A new letter was quickly discovered, and the children settled down to hear from their new friends the Hammies. After thanking us for making all the delicious food last time, the Hammies asked us to help their new friends the Richies. They also needed new homes and food. The woods soon became a hive of activity of children working together, building and cooking.


Isaac said, “Charlie and Ren helped me make a house with ropes and leaves”, whilst in the mud kitchen Max said, “I was helping Maxim make a stew with little logs”. Adam was busy digging for treasure for the Richies, saying, “I found some clay treasure in the soil”. After tidying up, there was time to play our favourite Hide and Seek game.


Then the woods were filled with excited voices as we walked back to the coach, talking about the afternoon’s adventures and already sharing ideas for the next visit.