What a way to end this half-term!


On Friday afternoon, for the first time in two years, Year 5 hosted their own special show: Kew’s Got Talent. This was put together entirely by the children working independently and reflected what they have been doing in music lessons all term.


In all the time we have run this event we have not had so much diversity! Miss Taman was incredibly impressed with the commitment and sheer dedication shown by everyone in the year group. They had very little help from teachers pulling this show together, and they worked together as a family, from the soloists to the musical ensembles, and the comedy sketches to the backstage crew; each and every one of them worked like a trojan over weeks of rehearsals to make it such a success.


Despite being nervous performing in front of the entire Junior House, teachers, and the judges (Mr Roy, Mrs Tabor and Ms Chui), they overcame this and performed like professionals from start to finish. The crowd was with them the whole time, and even the judges cracked a few smiles!


The programme this year was incredible. It consisted of:

Samvid & Ami (5S)- Violin duet (Canon in D)
Alejandro, Theo R, Theo S, Zack & Molly- comedy sketch
Lara, Isabella, Zaara and Hanna (5S)- Vocal group (Firework)
Aayush, Titan, Max, Flora, Pip & Arshia- Comedy sketch
Erik: Guitar solo- Marshmallow Cocoa
Eddy- Piano solo- Walk in a Rainbow
Nikhil and Vasily- I’m Still Standing (duet)
Arjun- Piano solo – Andantino
Matthew and Shehryar - Comedy sketch
Ioan- Piano solo- King William’s March
Clemency, Josie, Onno, Zac & Oscar- Rocking all over the World (band)
Casper- Guitar solo- James Bond theme
Iliyan & Alastair- Dynamite (duet)
Derin- Comedy solo- Family Doctor
Daniel: Violin solo- Portsmouth
Olivia-Grace, Sophie and Zara- Roar (band)

Every one of these really raised the roof and proved that Kew really has got talent!

The judging panel never have an easy job with this kind of event, and after much deliberating they decided on:
Solo winner- Erik (Marshmallow Cocoa on guitar)
Duet winners- Alastair and Iliyan (Dynamite!)
Group winner- Olivia-Grace, Sophie and Zara (Roar)
Overall winner- Ami and Samvid (Canon in D violin duet)

A huge congratulations to these winners, but of course to everybody for having the courage to take part.

The video for KGT will be posted onto the Year 5 Teams page over half-term, so that you can all watch your successful performances back - enjoy!

A huge well done again to all the performers in Year 5, and thank you to Mr Alex, Miss Haldane, and Ms Smith for their support behind the scenes in the lead-up to this show.

This year group really have raised the standard of performance for the event, so I look forward to seeing what talent next year will bring.


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