On Monday 8th November and Wednesday 10th November, 1C and 1A each went on a walk to Kew Village.


When we arrived at Kew Village, we were really excited to spot lots of the shops and businesses we had been learning about in our Geography lessons.  We walked past an optician, a coffee shop and even the train station!


After some brisk walking, we stopped outside Al’s Clip Joint, the barbers.  Armed with questions, our first group of intrepid reporters went inside.  The barber was very happy to answer our questions. We learnt that he sometimes cuts women’s hair as well as men.  The second team went into PM Flowers shop, and we learnt from the flower seller that their favourite flowers are roses.  Another team visited the Kew Bookshop. We found out that they have 10,000 books in their shop, we thought that was incredible.


We also visited Oliver’s Wholefood store, Pether of Kew the butchers and the shoe shop, Canopy.  We really enjoyed asking the shopkeepers questions and were able to do lots of observational drawings of the items for sale, too.



IMG 7839