Friday, 12th November 2021 – a palindromic date (12.11.21) and so the perfect day for Kew College to have its Maths Day. Pupils from Kindergarten to Year 6 enjoyed a variety of activities. Kindergarten to Year 4 welcomed The Happy Puzzle Company, who invited them to participate in fun puzzles, games and activities which supported understanding as well as encouraging teamwork. Meanwhile, Years 5 and 6 experienced ‘Escape Room’ activities courtesy of The Problem-Solving Company. Again, teamwork was key as groups tried to solve the fiendishly tricky problems to unlock all 12 padlocks and be the first to stop the timer.


In class, pupils took part in a times tables challenge where they tried timed activities testing their quick times tables skills. Years 5 and 6 also explored palindromic numbers, including working out how many dates in each century are palindromic. It’s a lot less than you may think!



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